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Education Mission
At the Young Explorer's we wholeheartedly believe that each child is a unique individual. With our low student to teacher ratio, we are able to give your child an educational experience every day.
Our British-based curriculum focuses on literacy skills, language, communication, numeracy, logic, social and physical development, and independence.
Our committment is to:
  • create a personalised programme by tapping on your child's unique interests.
  • encourage your child to work as a team, enjoy social interaction and sharing ideas with his/her peers. 
  • cultivate a lifelong passion for learning.
  • prepare your child for formal schooling.  
Find out more about our Borneo-living mind enrichment programme!

We want our children to understand that our planet is precious and our resources, finite. Living in beautiful Borneo gives us a distinct advantage over others. Our Borneo-living programme helps your child appreciate every aspect of life in Sabah.


Experiential, cognitive learning is key.


Through our hands-on holistic programme, we aim to create responsible global citizens.


What sets us apart?
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